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“Lothian’s Fate” is a Pendragon campaign taking place in a Mythical Lothian (Scotland). The players will face the many challenges of managing their domains for King Lot during the Time of Chaos, one year after the death of Uther Pendragon (Spring, 496).

For hundreds of years, the Romans ruled Britain, but under three warlords, the Romans were finally removed from the isles. Those three men, Uther, Gorlois (the Duke of Cornwall), and Lot were the most powerful warlords in Britain. One of them had to become King. They decide to divide Britain into three Kingdoms: the West under Uther, the East under Gorlois and the North under Lot.

But that peace was betrayed when Uther met Gorlois wife, Igraine. The West and East went to war, but the North stood aside and watched. In the end, the East was victorious and Uther declared himself “the Pendragon,” the King of All Britain. King Lot reluctantly acknowledged Uther’s claim, but warned him not to come to the North. Uther planned on invading the North, but was killed before his battle plans could be completed.

Now, the East and the West (what those in Lot’s lands call “the South”) has entered a civil war. Each great warlord calling himself “the True King of Britain.” But the war does not dare enter the lands of the North, not until a single man can rightfully call himself “the Pendragon.”

Our tale centers on two regions under King Lot’s domain of Lothian. The first is the family of Stirling Castle under Lord Selivant “The Wise.” The second is the family of Lord Pellandres, Lord of Alkeep Castle. These two warlords served in King Lot’s army and are brothers in all but blood. They agreed their eldest should marry, to unite their families forever. Selivant’s oldest daughter will marry Pellandres’ oldest son this spring. At least, that’s the plan…

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