The Sterling Bandit

An Unknown Bandit Raiding the Land



An unknown bandit has been stealing from Lord Pellandres. He and his men have robbed tax collectors, merchants bringing supplies from the South. He has never been caught, but stories say he is young, handsome and daring. He has defeated every trap Pellandres has set for him, defeating his best knights with his keen wits and his expertise with the bow and the sword.

While many of Pellandres’ men have seen the Bandit, none have seen his face. He keeps it hidden behind a mask and a hood (as do his men). They say he never speaks, giving whispered orders to his men who follow him without question.

Recently, Lord Selivant has sent knights to assist his neighbor, hoping their combined forces might catch the Sterling Bandit. But the Bandit was too clever for them. Not only did he escape their plot, he also stole their horses while they slept.

The Sterling Bandit

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