Sir Dalan "The Mad"

Brother of Selivant, "The Mad Knight"


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Sir Dalan is the older brother of Lord Selivant, the Lord of Stirling Castle. He was originally the heir to the lands, and served as such for many years. But then, one day, he saw a beautiful woman in the woods. He approached her and she whispered something to him. Ever since, he has been mad.

Dalan gave his title and lands to his younger brother, Selivant, and now spends his days traveling the lands, seeking adventures. He protects the weak, punishes the wicked and brings the unjust to justice. He dresses in patchwork armor, taken from the villains he defeats. His hair is long and his beard unshaven, and he never stays in one place too long. He often speaks to himself or to others that no-one else can see.

Sir Dalan "The Mad"

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