Lord Selivant "The Wise"

The Lord of Forth Valley, vassal of King Lot, Master of Stirling Castle


Lord Selivant is the master of Stirling Castle, a vassal under “The King of the North.” He has only one daughter, Glensi. His wife died shortly after Glensi was born and Selivant never re-married.

Selivant is a giant of man, standing a full head over most other men. He was a fearsome warrior in his day, one of Lot’s most valuable lieutenants. It was under Uther that he met his closest friend, Pellandres. The two men were an odd pairing: Selivant’s enormous size and Pellandres standing only up to his chest, but the two men were inseparable. At one battle, Pellandres carried Selivant carried his wounded friend from the battlefield, saving his life. The two swore they would bind their families together, marrying their eldest children.

Selivant is a quiet man while sober. Somber and thoughtful. When drunk, he becomes a joyous giant. He loves his daughter, and after his wife’s death, gave her to his best friend’s wife to raise as “a proper lady, as my wife would have done.” He currently allows his daughter (Glensi) to be the lady of the household. She maintains the books, manages the servants and plays diplomatic games with his neighbors. While she does, he sits and watches over her shoulder. He always wears a small picture of his departed wife.

Lord Selivant "The Wise"

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