Lord Pellandres "The Kind"

Master of Alkeep Castle, Vassal of King Lot


Lord Pellandres is a small man with kind eyes. His hair is long and black. While he stands only up to the shoulders of most men, he is also renown for his incredible strength. During his time serving in Uther’s army, the men bet on what he could and could not lift. Those who bet on his strength never lost.

He is married to Lady Ade, a woman who stands much taller than him. She is slender, beautiful and is famous for her long, golden hair that reaches almost to her knees. Ade is a courtly woman Pellandres brought from the South. Initially, she was unhappy with living in the North, but her love for her husband has kept her objections silent.

Pellandres has seven children: six sons and one daughter. All the children have the same straight, golden hair as their mother, save for his one daughter; her hair is red.

Pellandres is known as “the Farming Lord” because he assists the peasants with their work. He uses his enormous strength to help reap and sew the fields, and his assistance makes his lands some of the richest in Lothian.

Pellandres and Selivant are blood-brothers, having served with Uther when he drove the Romans from Britain. They fought together, bled together and drank together. They swore an oath to always protect each other and Pellandres even carried a wounded Selivant off a battlefield, saving his life. The two swore their eldest would marry, linking their families together. Selivant’s daughter is currently bethrothed to Pellandres’ eldest son, a knight getting his education in the South (at his mother’s insistance).

Lord Pellandres "The Kind"

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