Lord Nidian

A cruel, ruthless knight who is driven by lust and ambition.


Lord Nidian is one of Lord Pellandres’ and Lord Selivant’s closest neighbors. He also served in the army that drove out the Romans, but served under Uther Pendragon, not King Lot. Uther knew how ambitious Nidian was, so as a “reward,” he called upon a favor from King Lot and arranged to give Nidian lands in the North, far away from his own.

Nidian is handsome, charming and scheming. His neighbors know exactly what kind of man he is and offer him no trust whatsoever. But Nidian is also a powerful knight, well-skilled in the ways of combat. He has many knights under his command and presents a constant threat to his neighbors, both militarily and politically.

Nidian has one son and one daughter: Archade and Felinete. Both of them seem to have taken up the traits of their parents. Both are beautiful, cunning and dangerous.

Lord Nidian

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