Lady Denai

Daughter of Lord Pellandres

Personal data

Name:Lady Denai Pellandres

Age:16 Daughter Number:1




Liege Lord:Lord Pellandres

Current Class:Lady

Current Home:Castle Alkeep

Personality traits

Gentlewoman’s Bonus:

Religious Bonus:

Chaste*4 / 16Lustful
Energetic*20 / 0Lazy
Forgiving3 / 17Vengeful
Generous14 / 6Selfish
Honest*13 / 7Deceitful
Just7 / 13Arbitrary
Merciful15 / 5Cruel
Modest*4 / 16Proud
Pious8 / 12Worldly
Prudent*8 / 12Reckless
Temperate*6 / 14Indulgent
Trusting*11 / 9Suspicious
Valorous13 / 7Cowardly

Directed Trait:+3 Suspicious Christians

Directed Trait:+3 Suspicious Southerns


Loyalty(Lord) (15)

Love(Family) (16)

Hospitality (15)

Honor (15)

Concern (my commoners) (8)

Lust (Queen of Faerie) (21)

Hatred (Lord Nidian) (17)

Lust (Queen Morgause) (25)

SIZ 6 (Knockdown)
DEX 13
STR 11
CON 13 (Major Wound)
APP 20
DMG 3 d6

Hit Points 19

Unconscious 4


Chirurgery Needed!


Awareness (_) Use Stalk

Boating (0)

Chirurgery (17)

Compose (5)

Courtesy (11)

Dancing (10)

Faerie Lore (8)

Falconry (5)

Fashion (5)

First Aid (20)

Flirting (5)

Folklore (10)

Gaming (5)

Heraldry (6)

Hunting (_) Use Stalk

Industry (_) Use Distaff

Intrigue (10)

Orate (5)

Play (7) Flute

Read (10) Latin

Recognize (12)

Religion (10)

Singing (10)

Stewardship (_) Use Distaff

Swimming (5)

Tourney (0)

Distaff (13)

Stalk (15)

Sheep Raising (15) emphasis lambing

Distinctive feaatures

bright red, long curly hair

small blueish crescent moon birthmark on my palm

petite stature

Ladies Gift

Animal Understanding/Empathy

Family Characteristic

Natural Healer


“Old Friend”
Bay Silver Dapple Gypsy Vanner

Combat Skills

Battle (1)

Siege (5)

Horsemanship (20)

Dagger (5)

Sword (16)







Lady Denai is the only daughter of Lord Pellandres. She has five brothers (three older, two younger). While her brothers all have their mother’s honey-blonde hair, Denai has red hair.

Lady Denai is known for her love of the woods and nature. She takes long walks (sometimes days) through the woods, often returning with strange stories. Recently, when she returned, she was leading a horse she called “Aldwyn.” The horse seems to be either a fairie creature, but may just be incredibly clever. Denai has also demonstrated a strange familiarity with animals, seemingly able to read their intentions.

She learned how to use a sword from Sir Dalan and has proven to be an apt pupil. Using a sword is just one of her peculiarities. While her mother, Ade, wishes her daughter was more “lady-like,” she still loves her daughter dearly.

Starting Glory: 229

+1 point

Lady Denai

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