Sir Cymrain "The Falcon"

A Hunter and Knight under Lord Selivant's Service


Hawk knight

Sir Cymrain is a quiet knight. Quiet in voice and silent in step. He is one of the best hunters under Lord Selivant’s service. He is such an exceptional hunter, some suggest he has a bit of the native blood in him. There may be some truth to that rumor. Cymrain was born in the North to one of the oldest noble families. Unfortunately, his father warred with King Lot for the title. Cymrian’s father lost.

Now, he serves Lord Selivant as his master of the hunt. He never mentions his family If someone else does, he says nothing or simply walks away.

His prized falcon, Olwydd, has been with him for many years. Some say the falcon is a gift from the Queen of the Wood, given to him when he caught a faerie’s lover (in the form of a stag) and released it after she begged Cymrain for its life.

Sir Cymrain "The Falcon"

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