Brothers of Denai

Denai's Five Brothers


Lady Denai has five brothers: three older and two younger than she.

Gwinas: The oldest boy, Gwinas was sent to the South for education and training. He will be returning shortly for the wedding to his betrothed, Lady Glensi. Word from the South says Gwinas is an exceptional knight, even for his age. It is said he is as strong as his father and as beautiful as his mother. Some say he is destined to become the Greatest Knight in the World.

Gawan: The second-oldest boy, Gawan is a mischievous but good-hearted lad, always talking his other siblings into trouble, and always taking the blame. Gawan spent a short period of time training to be a knight, but only got as far as learning how to use the sword. He spends most of his time around the castle playing pranks and having fun. He is a bright young man, the smartest of the brothers, but with no future. The second-born son who rebels against his own destiny.

Dalan: Dalan was the third-born. He is a very serious child, bent on becoming a knight. He is currently a squire. Dalan reveres his oldest brother, Gwinas, and hopes one day to be a great knight, just like him. He works tirelessly, training when he should be resting and eating. He will be a great knight one day. He will.

Brennis: The fifth-born son (after his sister), Brennis was born blind. He does have prophetic dreams, however, and the Ladies of the Lake have prophesied he will become a mighty magician.

Herward: The six-born son is little more than a babe. He has just begun walking around the castle.

Brothers of Denai

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